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By Thord D. Hedengren

The Bored Horse🐴 — Issue #8



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Thord D. Hedengren
Thord D. Hedengren
Hi there!
Wow, there are some new faces in the crowd. I wonder if you’re prepared for what you’re going to get? Either way, welcome to the Bored Horse newsletter. This is usually weekly, but current events made me skip last week – sorry about that. Because of this, there are quite a few links below, so get your read it later app of choice ready, this is a meaty one.
Enjoy, dear horsies, and if you don’t, tell @tdh post-haste.

I decided to get all the war stuff out of the way first, because there’s obviously a lot of interesting things written about it. If you’re feeling war fatigue, feel free to take care of yourself, and scroll down to the beautiful fox. No, that’s not a euphemism…
🇷🇺 The fake news law in Russia is downright horrible. Putin’s really doing his best to make sure his is the only narrative. Luckily, VPNs are topping the various app stores, so there’s hope for some. I also like that Twitter has a Tor version, and hope Russians use this, and any other tool, to stay informed. 👇🏻
Alec Muffett
This is possibly the most important and long-awaited tweet that I've ever composed.

On behalf of @Twitter, I am delighted to announce their new @TorProject onion service, at:
🔌 The idea to unplug Russia from the internet is interesting, but honestly, I think information is key here. That’s the only way for Russians to question the regime’s claims. For the same reason, I have a hard time thinking that blocking access to sites just because the person’s geographical origin is Russia. If that’s your cup of tea, however, there’s a simple script for it.
🛑 Want to know which tech companies are taking action against Russia? Then this list is for you. For some, I think EA removing Russian themes from its FIFA and NHL games is the worst.
📒 Slate’s story on what’s going on at Wikipedia, due to Russia’s aggression in the past, and the current invasion, is well worth a read.
🗺 I’m fascinated by the so-called amateur open-source researchers analyzing the war in Ukraine.
Hey, look, Elon Musk did something nice for a change! 👇🏻
The Kyiv Independent
🌟Ukraine conducts successful test of SpaceX's Starlink satellite internet system. 

Speeds reached over 200 megabits per second. SpaceX CEO @elonmusk provided Ukraine with the system to make sure that Russian forces aren’t able to take down Ukraine’s internet connectivity.
🏨 Want to help? Book Airbnbs in Ukraine, and don’t check in, but pay anyway, obviously. Clever.
🤬 Stop making the Ukraine war about you is a thought-worthy piece. It’s also a bit blunt, but hey, tricky subject.
🕵️ Anonymous has leaked the database of Russian federal agency Roskomnadzor. That’s the censorship agency, so hopefully someone can do something good with it. 👇🏻
Anonymous TV 🇺🇦
JUST IN: #Anonymous has successfully breached and leaked the database of Roskomnadzor, the Russian federal executive agency responsible for monitoring, controlling and censoring #Russian mass media, releasing to the public over 360K files. #OpRussia
Puh. That’s quite enough 🇺🇦 and war for today. Let’s just clear our heads, and move on to other things, okay?
🦊 @hourlyFox on Twitter is a lifesaver these days. You need something nice with your doomscrolling, after all. #FollowFriday and all that jazz.
🇯🇵 The killing stone split in two. Armageddon can’t be far off, can it?
🔥 People are always so worried about OLED burn-in, and I don’t get it. I’ve been on the OLED bandwagon since iPhone X, and never seen any burn-in. Not in my TVs either. Anyway, it’s nice to see that the OLED Nintendo Switch manages just fine. It’s my preferred Switch, and a great screen, by the way.
🤑 Fantasy author Brandon Sanderson’s Kickstarter for four novels in 2023 has passed $27 million, with 20 days to go. It’s staggering, and also the most successful Kickstarter ever. He’s not a lone author, as mentioned in the Guardian interview – there’s a proper team, too. Oh, and read author John Scalzi’s take.
❄️ Speaking of fantasy authors, George R.R. Martin has an update on, well, lots of things. Yes, that includes The Winds of Winter, and no, it’s not getting released anytime soon.
🪐 I don’t care if it’s a Star Wars cruiser, there’s no way I’m paying $6,000 for a stay in one. Give me Super Nintendo World any day.
🏜 The Obi-Wan TV show looks bloody great, though. I’m actually looking forward to see Hayden Christiansen as Darth Vader. 👇🏻
Star Wars
Between darkness and defeat, hope survives.

Watch the new teaser trailer for @ObiWanKenobi, and start streaming the limited series May 25 on @DisneyPlus.
🍈 The pandemic changed the bra. Be free, sisters.
👾 Nice piece on Bitsy, a lovely little game engine for small games. Makes me want to make something.
📱 It’s been a while, so there has been several Switch to iPad posts and newsletters, so just head over to the site and have a look. And, remember: I’m matching new subscriptions with a donation to UNICEF all of March, up to $1,000.
🌋 The Atlantic is declaring peak subscription. That doesn’t sound good…
📰 Then again, Cardinal News is a “rural startup” without broadband, and they’re making an impact locally, so maybe it’s not black and white?
⚫️ Axios is known for distilling everything down to bullet points, so I found this piece in the New York Times fun, and interesting too.
🎹 Epic is buying Bandcamp. This is scary for a lot of people, I’m sure, but other than the silly App Store lawsuit, Epic seems to be fighting the good fight overall.
🕯 Tech workers are facing burnouts, study shows. Meanwhile, clever distributed companies headhunt talent at companies that announce plans to go back to the office. That dreaded work-life balance is tricky, and requires more thinking.
🏦 The internet is just investment banking now. Read this, on Web3 and other fuzzy stuff. Wall Street wins, in the end.
Finally, let’s rock out, shall we? (Found via my friend @Ghostwoods.)
archive 📨
There is a torii gate made of speakers in Kamiyama, Tokushima. You can connect your phone to it and play anything.
🔗 Want to get something featured here? Tweet your suggestion to @tdh.
The view from the new office
The view from the new office
This week on Bored Horse
Hey, look, I wrote something, several things. Now, to be fair, these are posts from the last two weeks, but still. Anyway, here are posts.
There hasn’t been much work on the Bored Horse site lately. I did, however, change the preview image. You’ll see the final one further down, but there’s a leathery one too.
Leather Horses
Leather Horses
That's it for this week
Despite being totally buried under work, life, and everything that’s going on in the world, I feel some semblance of energy returning. I’ve probably jinxed it by saying so, but I do feel a positive outlook is important. So, let’s stay positive, shall we?
Until next week, take care.
— Thord D. Hedengren ⚡
Bored Horse
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Thord D. Hedengren
Thord D. Hedengren @tdh

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