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The Bored Horse🐴 – Issue #5

Thord D. Hedengren
Thord D. Hedengren
I hope this letter finds you well, and that you’ve had a good week. I’ve spent mine sniveling, coughing, cursing my sore throat, all with a touch of fever. It wasn’t COVID-19, at least, but that’s about the only good thing I’ve got to say on the matter. 🤧

I’m trying something new this week, re-arranging a bit in this issue. So, let’s start with the linkage, shall we?
💰 IAB Europe’s consent popup, used by, well, thousands of companies, isn’t GDPR compliant. That means that all those companies must delete the data. This affects the advertising business of giants like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. Good riddance, I say.
👎🏻 Get ready for downvotes on Twitter, maybe. It’s an experiment, for now, and no one can see what you decided to dislike.
📰 Speaking of Twitter, they might launch a longform (!) feature, called Twitter Articles. The microblog platform goes full blog, maybe.
🟥 The New York Times has bought Wordle for a ton of money. Creator Josh Wardle has a statement, congratulations to him.
💾 Worried that NYT will hide Wordle behind a paywall? Go to the original site, and choose Save As in your browser. There you go, the full game saved locally.
🐸 A frog regrows all four legs after getting pumped full of drugs. Yes, it was intentional, by professionals, so don’t try this at home, folks.
✈️ Ghost flights, being empty planes in the air to keep airport slot times, has been up for discussion for quite some time. It’s obviously crazy, horrendous for the environment, and a good example of rules gone wrong. Wired has the latest story in this travesty.
🦜 A parrot on New Zealand steals a GoPro, and it’s video magic, right there.
🍺 Remember the iBeer app? It was made by a magician, and here’s the story behind it. Spoiler: Apple’s somewhat to blame for its existence…!
🗺 Mind maps, such a great tool. But do they need to be organized and clean, using a dedicated tool, or should they be chaotic and free? This, and more, in this week’s issue of Switch to iPad.
🗡 Looking for a board-game for your iPad? Miyamoto is the way to go.
👦🏻 GIFs are for boomers now, says Vice, so I clearly fucked up earlier this week… Luckily they (and we) get new emojis soon.
😵‍💫 Remember the Wii? It was quite a thing. Well, the Nintendo Switch has outsold it, clocking in at a 103.54 million units shipped. It’s nice to see an underpowered gaming console completely owning this console cycle against the Xbox and PlayStation beasts.
📧 Google is rolling out a new Gmail design, if you’re into webmail interfaces. Spoiler: It looks like a Google product.
Quite a few links this week, obviously due to yours truly being mostly bedridden. Catching up on some reading is one of the few benefit of being sick, so there’s that.
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Snapping photos for a secret project, before getting sick
Snapping photos for a secret project, before getting sick
This week on Bored Horse
There were some bumps in my publishing schedule this week, but I’m sure you’ll forgive me for that. MAN! COLD! MAN!
Anyway, here’s what I published on Bored Horse this week.
At least it’s not COVID-19
I found the fun in video games again
Minor progress made in this book
Minor progress made in this book
Behind the scenes
So, guess how much I got done this week? Yeah, not much. Now, guess how much I had planned, for both client work and projects? Yeah, plenty. Take those two pieces of fact, put them together, and then try to scry how next week’s going to be for me.
Nope, I’m not happy, but there’s a silver lining to everything. I just have to find it. I’ll start by pressing send on this issue, and then try to rest up over the weekend. Next week will come soon enough.
— Thord D. Hedengren ⚡
Bored Horse
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Thord D. Hedengren
Thord D. Hedengren @tdh

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