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The Bored Horse🐴 - Issue #4

Thord D. Hedengren
Thord D. Hedengren
Phew, it’s Friday afternoon, and I’m so extremely done with this week. How done, you ask?
Let’s get to it, shall we?

This week on Bored Horse
For the first time since the inception of the Bored Horse website, I missed a weekday (Thursday, if you’re counting). I hope you can get over the disappointment, forgive me, and move on.
This is what I actually managed to publish this week.
Plans eschewed (so here are some photos instead)
Drawing bored horses
I also published last week’s linkage, from the previous issue of this very newsletter, but that hardly counts, does it?
Bleak weather at a bleak place
Bleak weather at a bleak place
It’s not all about me, is it? Here are some things I’ve read, and enjoyed, one way or another, this week.
🎥 Substack adds video to the mix, in beta. They’re moving even closer to being more about blogging, and less about newsletters.
🐦 The Verge thinks Twitter’s NFT avatar feature might make NFTs go mainstream. Want to troll the whole thing? Make your own soft-hex avatar, sans NFT and a Twitter Blue subscription.
🎮 Valve’s Steam Deck portable gaming PC starts shipping on February 25th. I pre-ordered, but since Valve couldn’t handle the interest, I don’t expect to see my unit until sometime this fall.
♻️ Remember Tumblr? It’s getting traction with the kids. It seems they like a chronological feed without presumptuous algorithms, go figure…
🧐 Former Signal SEO Moxie Marlinspike writes about web3, and it’s good.
🍎 Got any Apple devices? You should update them, post-haste.
✍🏻 Speaking of Apple devices, this week’s issue of Switch to iPad talks about why using iPads in meetings is better than a laptop. Paying subscribers only, but there’s a trial, if you’re into that jazz.
🤬 The Tennessee School Board bans graphic novel Maus due to strong language and nudity. Next up, Donald Duck for not wearing pants, and anything else that might be educational as to what the Nazis did. Disgraceful. Speak up, if you can.
And, in this week’s Wordle news:
Craig Mod
if wordle were VC backed:
- Wordle2.0 w/ accounts!! Sign up to save your data!!
- Allow location access to show weather alongside your Wordle!
- Launching WordleC0in.DAO!
- Wordle, now with Reels!!
- WordleCon2022 in Miami!!!
It’s funny because it’s too close to home. Wait, no, that’s horrible! Now go read Max Böck’s ode to making free stuff on the internet.
Finally, the reason the Joe Danger games are back on the App Store is heartwarming. Well done.
Sean Murray
Joe Danger is relaunching on iOS today 🥳

Remastered with improved visuals, high frame rate, ProMotion and Gamepad support

Still one of the best looking games on iOS 😍

It's all because of a fan mail we received... 🧵
🔗 Want to share a link with me? That’s what Twitter’s for, just hit me up, and it might get featured here.
Behind the scenes
I’ve been working hard this week, unfortunately not with anything I can show, it’s been client work at Divide & Conquer, all the way. Nothing fun to report at all, actually. Well, almost nothing — my current writing project is coming along nicely, it’s the one mentioned in my post about writing by hand. Which is what I’m going to do now, for a little bit, before wrapping up this week with a drink or three.
Take care, and I’ll see you again next week. Or on Twitter, I guess.
— Thord D. Hedengren ⚡
Bored Horse
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Thord D. Hedengren
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