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The Bored Horse🐴 – Issue #17

Thord D. Hedengren
Thord D. Hedengren
Hi there!
It’s been a while. A week and change, actually. I’ve been knee-deep in work, obviously, but also taken some time to think and re-assess things. That includes this newsletter, and many other things. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram, then this should be fairly obvious, as I’ve been quiet, absent even, from both platforms. Yes, that means there’ll be no snarky tweets in this issue because I haven’t read them. Instead, I’ll give you a new section below, with three things that’s been on my mind, that I’ve enjoyed, this past week.
I really like writing this newsletter, but I’m not entirely sure what it should be, frankly. Originally, I envisioned a balance with the Bored Horse site, but other decisions has made me cut back on writing there. I’ll no doubt pick that up at some point, but it’s clear that the newsletter has, and deserves, a life of its own.
The verdict’s still out. I’ll get back to you, but until then, you can look forward to this very newsletter on Sundays from now on.
Enough with the introspection, let’s get to it.

🔫 In the wake of the latest shootings, this piece on what a bullet will actually do to your body seems prudent. It’s not visual in the sense that you’ll get photos (don’t worry), but it’s a pretty harrowing read.
🕵️ Thousands of sites are logging what you type in input fields online, even before you hit submit. This isn’t such a big surprise, but still horrible, of course. Wired’s got a report on the latest study.
🦆 Privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo isn’t as private as you’d think, due to a deal with Microsoft’s Bing. This, while probably somewhat blown up, is disappointing news.
💰 Billable hours is a trap. Thanks for the reminder, it’s all too easy to forget.
💍 Gucci has made an Oura ring. It’s $1,000, which is less than the previous generation’s diamond studded outing.
🐈‍⬛ An open world cyberpunk cat simulator? Why, yes, I’ll give Stray a go on my Steam Deck later this month, for use.
🧬 Scientists can grow wood in a lab, and cells on a robot skeleton.
🔭 Astrophysics calculate that, should theories regarding dark energy having quintessence be correct, the universe would start to contract in 100 million years or so. Don’t worry, it’s just a theory for now, and I bet we’ll blow ourselves up before that happens.
🕹 New mini consoles hasn’t been seen for a while, but now Sega is set to launch the Mega Drive Mini 2 in Japan this October, with 50 games, including some Sega CD exclusives. Expect this to reach US (where it’ll no doubt be called Genesis Mini 2) and Europe at a later date.
💥 Amazon has ruined both the Kindle and the Comixology app by merging comic books with Kindle books. It’s a mess, especially since it spills onto the ereaders as well. No, I would rather not read Luciferon my Kindle Paperwhite, stupid.
🚗 A new DeLorean, famous from the Back to the Future movies, is coming. It’s electrified and looks pretty cool, but obviously has nothing to do with the original, defunct, company.
🏞 Will this 3D image format replace the GIF? It’s long overdue, I’d say. Bonus: 🐈🚪.gif
Drinks and nibbles from a recent trip
Drinks and nibbles from a recent trip
Three things
I’m trying something new this issue. Here are three things I’ve thought about, and enjoyed, the past week.
1️⃣ I enjoyed Slow Horses on Apple TV+, which is based on Mick Herron’s books. The series, which Gary Oldman heading up the failed British spies, was already renewed for a second season, but it’s been extended to a third, and fourth as well. Great news, go watch it.
2️⃣ While checking in to see how bad the Comixology app had become, I realized that I owned the Lucifer graphic novels, and that I hadn’t read them. I’m on the third omnibus, and damn, this is some good stuff. The Netflix series, which is cute, borrows from this, but in name more than in style and atmosphere, obviously.
3️⃣ I’ve been putting my iPads aside for games lately, thanks to the Steam Deck. It’s quite enjoyable, but not without its problems. For some reason, I decided to replay the Mass Effect trilogy, so there’s been a lot of swearing courtesy of the Mako controls.
Found this tiny fella on a walk a few days ago
Found this tiny fella on a walk a few days ago
Thanks for reading
I hope you enjoyed this issue. I’ll see you again in a week’s time.
— Thord D. Hedengren ⚡
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Thord D. Hedengren
Thord D. Hedengren @tdh

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