The Bored Horse

By Thord D. Hedengren

The Bored Horse🐴 – Issue #16



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Thord D. Hedengren
Thord D. Hedengren
How are you? How was your week?
I barely remember mine. It’s like it blew past me, and I was running to catch up all the way. Enough of that now, though, because it’s Friday, I’m pouring myself a drink, and will see friends for dinner in an hour or so. Things could be a lot worse.
Here are this week’s links. Enjoy.

🪦 Vangelis is dead. One way or another, I’m sure you’ve had his scores as the soundtrack to your life. I sure know I have. Thank you for the tunes.
🤖 It’s only fitting to follow up on Vangelis with another cyberdeck, called the Framedeck. This isn’t a Raspberry Pi, or similar, but rather the mainboard from the Framework laptop. And yes, I want one.
🦠 Nanobots killing bacteria, is that sci-fi enough for you?
🦃 The latest Elon Musk news are certainly a mixed bag. Like the report claiming that SpaceX paid someone off to cover up Musk’s sexual misconduct, and Musk stalling on the Twitter deal, which the board intends to enforce. Meanwhile, Twitter stock is down, as is most BigTechCo, and this piece argues that Twitter has no future.
✂️ Bluetooth hack can unlock your Tesla, but it’s not a Tesla issue, it’s just about all Bluetooth devices.
😶 Facestealer is a new spy thingie on the Google Play Store. Be vigilant.
📜 E Ink, the kind of paper-like screen used in Amazon’s Kindle, is getting there with their color variants. Sooner or later, this tech will catch up and be truly useful. It’s stuck on being a paper substitute, like in e-readers, for now.
⌨️ Switch to iPad #96 looked at small keyboards, for a truly portable writing setup.
Daniel Albu
Happy 25th anniversary to @Winamp!

The first version of ⚡Winamp⚡ was released as freeware on April 21st, 1997!


Winamp, it really whips the llama's ass!
⚔️ New English Alexandre Dumas translations incoming, including one being published as a serial on Substack. I’m a big Dumas fan, but, sorry, I think I’ll stick with actual books for this classic.
🧩 Buy a puzzle missing a piece, and several other weird things, from the YETCH Store. Yep, it’s by the crazy robot YouTuber, Simone Giertz.
🧙‍♂️ Into tabletop role-playing games? Check out these GPT-3 generators to save you prep-time for those weekend sessions.
🇺🇦 There’s still a war in Ukraine. This issue is surprisingly free of reports from the war, which isn’t to say that it isn’t taking place. Please consider donating to one of the major relief organizations, like UNICEF or Save the Children.
🔗 Want to get something featured here? Tweet your suggestion to @tdh.
It was International Cocktail Day, or something 🍸
It was International Cocktail Day, or something 🍸
Thanks for reading
These are crazy days. Take care of yourself, and others, because we all need it. A kind word, a reasonable approach, and staying away from the negative spirals goes a long way. Let’s try, okay?
Or not, it’s your life. Live it without regrets.
Next week’s issue might end up earlier, later, than expected due to a holiday. Or not at all, if I can’t make ends meet. We’ll see.
Until next time, then.
— Thord D. Hedengren ⚡
Bored Horse
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Thord D. Hedengren
Thord D. Hedengren @tdh

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